Matabeleland and Wild Touch Taxidermy have a wide range of quality products on offer, we have grown from shoulder mount and skull mounts, to full and pedestal mounts. From the birds in the sky to the fish in the waters, we are able to offer the quality craftsmanship that you require.

Taxidermy Work
• Shoulder Mounts – Plain, Wall Pedestal, Sneaky
• Life Size Mounts – in what ever position you would like
• Pedestal Mounts
• Shield Mounts
• Rug mounts – artificial teeth used, to keep originals in skull
• Flat Tanning of all Skins
• Tanning to Leather
• Fish

As we believe in total utilization of the trophy we can offer you a full range of items, such as
• Feet – Book Ends, Ashtrays, Lamps or Pencil Holder
• Scrotum – Dice Box, Pencil Holder, Tobacco Pouch
• Tails – Fly Swatter Wall Hanging
• Warthog or Hippo Tusks on shield capped
• Bones Scrimshawed or Painted

Packing & Crating
Once the processing of your trophies is complete, they are sent to our onsite crating department where our experienced personal who ensure that all trophies are securely packed, to avoid any damage while transported.

All small items are wrapped in clear plastic with naphthalene balls amongst the plastic.

All our crates are custom built from wood which is up to International Fumigation regulations and standards. Your trophies are then packed puzzle like in the crate to optimize space and ensure all crates are made as small as possible to save on freight costs.

• Import of trophies from regional countires
• Export / Shipping of trophies globally
• Import country requirement advise if needed
• Import Clearing / Custom broker advise if needed

Matabeleland Taxidermist works hand in hand with two different freight companies depending on your choice. We have a good standing relationship with these agents and weekly meeting are held to keep on top of all our clients’ status while at the freight company.

Wild Touch Taxidermist, Brad and Laura do all the freight personally themselves. All export documents such as CITES, Veterinary and Customs documents are all applied for by them. The crates once complete are sealed by Veterinary & Customs, they are then loaded into a container which is sealed by Customs to travel in Bond to South Africa. The vehicle is accompanied by Brad and Laura and all necessary documents along with the crates are handed to the onward Freight Agent in Johannesburg.


As we would like our clients to know as much as possible and have no hidden aspects, below is an idea of costs which could occur “after your hunt”

Taxidermy Costs
• Dip & Pack or Processing Taxidermy Fees – 100% payment for Dip & Pack, 50% Deposit payment on Taxidermy work prior to work commencing. Prices on request.
• Paperwork Fees
• Crating & Packing
• National Park & Wildlife Fee – this fee is passed onto National Parks by the freight agent to obtain export CITES / export documents.

Other Costs to expect
• Air / Sea Freight Costs to destination Port of entry
• Destination Country import documentation
• Destination Country Customs Clearing Agent Fees
• Destination Country Taxes
• Destination Country transport from port to clients home .

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